CPD Event 4: Conversation Series – Module Leadership

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Booking No: OD033491

Date/Time: 18/02/2020 14:00 – 15:30

Course Overview

Module leaders play a key role in ensuring the quality of the students learning experience at Coventry and in the delivery of a course-based approach. This initial workshop is designed specifically with new module leaders in mind. The event is co-delivered with Registry aiming to provide useful information that helps you get started with understanding the role, the responsibilities and knowing what is expected. Although, activities may vary across the university this workshop draws together the general requirements by offering an overview of the module leaders role and helping you to ‘get to grips’ early with what is involved. The workshop is based on the ‘conversations’ series and encourages shared practice and discussion.

Personal Notes

Broken down into three areas:

Module leaders have a key role to play in ensuring the quality of the students learning experience at coventry. Overview of the role of the module leader as part of the course-based approach. Leaders of the learning experience


Thinking about the role’s responsibilities:

  • Teaching
  • Module Design
  • Assessment Brief Design
  • External Moderation of Briefs
  • Feedback
  • Marking Feedback (2 Week at CU / 1 Week at CUC)
  • Internal Moderation (2 Week at CU / 1 Week at CUC)
  • MEQ
  • External Moderation of Submissions
  • EE Module Box
  • CQEM Module Reports
  • Moodle Pages
  • Coordinating Teaching Staff
  • Timetable
  • Reading Lists
  • Monitor Student Attendance
  • Academic Misconduct Reporting
  • Sharing best practice
  • Signposting to Key Information, Policies, Procedures

Quality Assurance

QAA Quality Codes


QAA Subject Benchmarks

Learning, Assessment and Marking