Learning Outcomes & Indicative Content

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Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the models and methodologies used in software development
2. Identify and explain the most appropriate software solution to meet a project specification, including user requirements, constraints and limitations of available resources
3. Demonstrate the use of teamwork and software to communicate ideas and progression of agreed tasks within a commercial setting
4. Design, a prototype software solution to a given specification
5. Develop and test a prototype software solution to a given specification, using own programming skills
6. Report on how the artefact can be improved and maintained by other software developers.

Indicative Content

• The fundamentals of software design
• Software design specification and project management
• Models and methodologies for software design
• The methods and processes used in developing software
• Testing software
• User needs analysis
• Conflict management, team building and leadership
• The use of programming languages such as C#, Java, C++, Python
• The use of scripting languages such as PHP, JavaScript
• The use of mark-up languages such as HTML, XML

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